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Welcome to HRMNY

Creative professional. I'll secure your visual identity on whichever platform needed
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What i do

Here's a quick overview of my abilities

Creative consulting

I offer a professional and creative mindset for sparring. With my many years of experience in various branches of sale, i'm able to aid your company with not just graphic design, but also in-store visual merchandising and personnel training. In other words; Need ideas? Contact me.

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Graphic Design

I have an eye for design. I'm able to supply you with graphical assistance in both printed and online formats of all sorts. From logo design and marketing campaigns, to a complete visual identity for your company or brand; i can do it all and you'll look as good as possible.

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Photo & video editing

I also offer the opportunity of photo and video editing. I have filmed at events and edited the footage of these events into clips for use in online or in-store marketing. I offer a wide range of options working with your brand. By choosing HRMNY you're covered all-round.

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What you get

I've highlighted some key elements

I always seek to get the best of collaborations; Teamwork and good communication are vital for a good end-product.


While working together, your project/brand are of upmost importance to me. I never go half-heartet into a case, and i'll be an ambassador of your brand.

Untamed Tiger

Through my many years of business experience, i have a good understanding of the mechanisms behind a company.

The unique angle

Thinking outside of the box. I've been doing so my entire life. I think the entire concept through, when given a case. I strive to make you succeed.

Web Development

My work process

The following would be a typical process


Firstly I try to identify your needs and wishes. Together we set a goal, and that goal ultimately determines the outcome. In this phase i gather information and try to pin-point exactly what you wish to convey, and how to reach that goal visually.


Develop & Design

With the gathered information and knowledge of how you want to be perceived, i start developing and designing. This is where the real magic happens and your new visuals come to life. A lot of testing and playing around, finally ends up as a product.



When the final product is done and you're satisfied with the result; we launch it. Whether it be online or printed format, i will follow the process through to ensure the highest of quality in your end-product. Perfect is the standard.


A complete re-design of the visual identity, along with a new Logo and a Design Guide to help their brand stand out from their competitors. Although they loved the design, the shop is now closed.


The project that startet my passion for graphic design,
selling graphics online and through social media. I previously sold pieces through a webshop, but have since focused on collaborations with firms.

Some of my projects

Snapshots from previous work and cases. School projects included.
Project Example

Logo design

Design for LPshoppen.dk
Project Example

Waterbottle Design

Studio Apparel / Stereo Studio 2013-2015
Project Example

Graphic Design

Studio Apparel / Stereo Studio 2013-2015
Project Example

Digital Art

"Marilyn" from my HRMNY series
Project Example

Visual Merchandising

Studio Apparel / Stereo Studio 2013-2015
Project Example

Digital Art

A piece from my "Untamed" series
Project Example

Digital Art

"Dirty Hound" from my HRMNY series
Project Example


Photo of my son taken w. CANON EOS 70D
Project Example

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Meet ME

Creative professional
Team Member

Hi there!

I'm a creative guy with over 10 years of experience within different branches of sale. I was previously a concept manager of 13 concept stores, while also maintaining the social media communications and campaigns. Besides graphic design, i have lots of experience within visual merchandising, networking, customer service, social media and video editing.

Lasse Giversen

Creative Consultant

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9000 Aalborg


Open Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

Sat: 10am-1pm